That first period in the First Division had lasted four years and at the end of it the situation is not good at all: only 12,000 members and Lafuente, who leaves the bench at the end of the campaign, points out that the squad is excessively veteran. However, there is pessimism in the face of the 45/46 campaign and for the first time they are considering relegation to the Third Division. The fact is that the first campaign takes place according to the most optimistic expectations. One year after the 2004 Copa América, he made another save for his national team in the last two rounds of the 2006 Rumbo to Germany Qualifiers, made saves in both games, against Colombia (1-1) on the road and then against Ecuador (0-1). 0) at home, both draws and also both results left Chile out of the World Cup. Spain was drawn in Group C with the German team, current runner-up in Europe and current world champion, the Bolivian team and the South Korean team.

Acuña, moreover, begins to pleasantly surprise everyone and when he has played very few games in the First Division, he is called up for a test in the national team. In addition, the technical secretary RamĂłn de Llano, the man who had supported Deportivo during the war years and had been its main driving force afterwards, also resigned due to internal dissensions. At the end of the season, in addition, the first Teresa Herrera Trophy is held. Sporting had previously defeated Racing Club de IrĂșn in the dispute for local supremacy. Athletic Club was the first champion. The first outfit worn by the club was classic of the time with a black shirt with a collar and white shorts. He did not have minutes in the championship, in which the Netherlands reached the quarterfinals, a phase in which they were eliminated by France with a goal in extra time. Each country should try to earn foreign exchange through exports, in the case of Third World countries usually raw materials and cash crops, in order to be able to repay their loans.

The winger Cuca and the veteran ex-Bético Caballero were the latest additions to a squad that wanted to stay out of trouble. Celso Mariño was the substitute on the bench for Hilario, who preferred to dress short again, and the incorporation of Bienzobas from Navarre was achieved to add experience to the squad and strengthen coverage. However, when everything should invite optimism for the next campaign (42-43), with the base of the previous year and the incorporation of Paquirri, it starts with problems. Thus, Ramón Lafuente, who continues to lead the team, has as his only relevant addition the winger Viso, signed from Valladolid, in addition to the seniority that he could bring to the forward Chacho, who had been back since the start of the season. Finally, Chacho presents his resignation and returns to play, his position being taken by Pepe Torres, at the time a manager, later replaced by Ramón Lafuente. Yes, the defender Ponte arrives, who over time would be a figure, while Chacho plays in what would be his last campaign.

Deportivo, evidently, did not face their first campaign among the greats with euphoria, new barcelona jersey but with confidence. Deportivo, then, lost in the offices the promotion that they had won on the ground. Against all odds, the second place was reached, which was worth the promotion. The board of directors, chaired by Virgilio Rodríguez Rincón, calls back Hilario, the man with the first promotion. The only joy of the season is the inauguration of the new Riazor. At the end of the season the official inauguration takes place with a Spain-Portugal match, in which the sportsman Pedrito plays. Together with him, Pedrito and the ill-fated Víctor (he would die in 1943 due to hemoptysis), also recently signed, form a highly solid defensive tandem that will give ample evidence of their competence throughout the campaign. Chacho, by default for contractual reasons, did not play throughout the season while Acuña was substituted for many games by Simón for similar reasons. However, the game could have been different if Escartín, the referee of the match, had noticed an exit from Alberty, midway through the first half, with his boot a meter and a half away pointing directly at Chacho's body, but the whistle did not blow, the penalty did not exist.

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