In addition, in the quarterfinal round, he was involved in the goal play against FC Barcelona (1-0) in which Sergio Busquets put the ball into his own goal, in the 93rd minute, when he was trying to avoid the striker's goal rojiblanco. On 5 August 2007, Rakitić scored his first competitive goal for his new club in their 0–9 away win over Eintracht Trier in the first round of the German Cup. It was therefore necessary to wait until that year to see the Atléticos be crowned champions of Madrid -which were followed by another two titles until the birth of the first edition of the League championship- and later become runners-up in the National Cup after paradoxically falling against the Athletic Club. In it, the rojiblancos won the title six years later since the last match against Valencia CF, which would decide the title, had to be postponed and could not be played until 1947. His performance gave evidence of the good sporting health that the entity enjoyed, which is why it began to gather a greater number of fans and it became necessary to request the transfer of the Estadio Metropolitano, which was also the first stadium in the country to have artificial lighting.

Instead, this meant being the sixth title for the madridistas. For this official tournament they faced each other 5 times, Real Madrid winning 4 games, and Atlético 1. This was the first rojiblanca participation in a tournament that, on the other hand, the madridistas had won three times in a row in its first three and only editions. Despite this, the rivalry among the fans continued, and it was even intensified when Pruden embittered his former team when, on the last day of the 1946-47 league championship, he scored two of the three goals that gave the madridistas a 2-2 victory. 3 thus depriving the athletics of winning their third league title. The final result of 2-3 gave the madridistas as champions while the atléticos finished third. On June 28, the final of the Copa del Rey is played at the Bernabéu, in which Barcelona obtains its 23rd cup by defeating Betis 3-2 after extra time after an exciting match. It should be noted as anecdotes in the mid-fifties that Di Stéfano wore the red and white shirt in a friendly match to pay tribute to Escudero, a common circumstance among Spanish teams at the time, and that the second kit of the Atléticos in the Cup final of 1956 was white like that of its staunch rivals.

The tension of the game and its consequences caused the "mattress" fans to storm the pitch with the intention of attacking the referee, who coincidentally belonged to the Royal Spanish Gymnastic Society of Madrid – a club that also had a great rivalry with the rojiblancos -, thus initiating a belief that refereeing did not have the same standards for Real Madrid. Plunged into other issues, the rivalry went through moments of meekness, not transcending beyond sporting matches on the pitch, with hardly any brawls to highlight, and even becoming cordial at certain times when the rojiblancos lent their stadium to the madridistas, since they were remodeling their facilities. The whites, already more established, establish a formal agreement by which the Plus Ultra Sports Group officially becomes their subsidiary club, being one of the main facts that would favor greater success for their "mattress" neighbors. He was followed by other illustrious neighboring players such as Joaquín Ortiz de la Torre or Luis Olaso, among others, due to the instability that existed in the "mattress" club due to those first steps in their independence and professionalism – which caused them financial problems.

Curiously, both clubs met for the first time in the Spanish Championship -which for a few years had allowed two teams to attend representing each regional federation- barely a year earlier, specifically on February 19, 1928. The match ended in victory. 0-1 for the whites in the rival field, real madrid jerseys being their first match in national competition. The Centro Federation Cup was the second most important competition, organized by the Castilian Football Federation, after the Centro Regional Championship. The first classified qualified for the Spanish Championship or Cup Tournament, representing the city of Madrid in its first editions and later the Castilian Football Federation, founded in 1913. For this tournament the 2 teams met 56 times, with 32 victories for Real Madrid, 14 for Atlético and 10 draws. The tournament, to be played by the best four classifieds of each national league, was not finally played due to financial problems of the Portuguese federation, so instead the President's Cup of the Spanish Football Federation was played in 1941, also known as the Classified Cup or the Tournament of the Four. The tournament was played under a league system as a preparatory measure for the new championship.

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