Luis Aragonés played in the youth ranks for Madrid and Atlético and coached Barcelona, ​​and Samitier and Zamora played for Barcelona and Madrid and coached Atlético. In 2019 he returned to Atlético de Madrid to play for the rojiblanco subsidiary. ↑ 2-2 on the Madrid stadium and 1-1 on the Atlético field. ↑ The Sports World newspaper, ed. ↑ Sports World (May 11, 1928). «What happens in the "Athletic" of Madrid?». ↑ López Lacárcel, José María (2012). ASDE, ed. January 15, 2012). "Milito kills the derby". ↑ Zárate, Óscar (January 11, 2021). «Official: Míchel stops being Huesca coach». ↑ ab Art and Sport Magazine. ↑ ab Diario El Correo Español, ed. Technically, its use was not entirely correct, as reflected by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) since it does not offer any meaning to refer to a sports or football contest, however, being one of the most repeated confrontations in the history of Spanish football, and as they are the two most recognized clubs and two of the longest-lived in Spanish history, the term ended up taking root among the media and fans because it is one of the most characteristic and established matches on the calendar, as indicated by one of the definitions. of the term.

Its relevance grew until it became one of the most important football -and/or sports- rivalries in Spain, also positioning itself as one of the most followed matches between clubs in Spain in that sport and with the greatest coverage due to media interest. The rivalry between the two teams began to acquire great relevance at the beginning of the 20th century when both clubs competed for supremacy in the only national competition between clubs in Spain, the aforementioned Spanish Cup Championship. Due to the participation of Real Madrid CF in the FIFA Club World Cup, the first legs were played on March 1 and 2, and the second legs were played on April 4 and 5. ^ "In the forties, if you lost the derby against Madrid you couldn't leave home". ↑ ab The Rec. The New Yorker (in American English).

IFFHS». IFFHS (in American English). Copa90 (in American English). Parallel to their first confrontations in what was the first official competition at the national level in Spain, the Copa del Rey -or Spanish Championship as it was known at the time- showed great supremacy in their respective regions. This contest continues to be the most repeated in the history of the Spanish Cup Championship -today Copa del Rey-, which is the oldest competition in the country. Said supremacy was reflected in the Cup championship, where they dominated the first years of the competition. Pointed out as not only a sporting but an institutional flag of their respective regions, they competed to dominate a sport in which, with the passing of editions, few teams managed to dispute such supremacy until the one that was the great dominator of the country, Athletic Club, saw how the difference in potential with Madridistas and Barcelona fans grew.

↑ several, EDICIONES EL PAIS, SL, Alfredo Relaño,. Spain has also competed in two editions of the extinct Confederations. In the 1955-56 and 1956-57 seasons, the children's and youth teams were proclaimed champions of Castilla and Spain, being a complete success, which is why the concern and dedication to the quarry is maintained and new teams appear. In the first phase of the competition, Spain was included in Group 5 along with the Northern Ireland team, the Yugoslav team, and the Honduran team. 1963: First edition of the Setmana Catalana de Ciclisme, which has been held annually ever since. "The numbers of the Madrid derby". "Madrid de Di Stéfano" in the 1950s, and which relived ancient glories during the 1970s and 1980s, all times of the people of Bilbao known as those of "the 11 villagers" or the "silver lions". La Real finished the competition in fourth position, barcelona black jersey leaving the Chilean goalkeeper as one of the least beaten goalkeepers. On February 2, 2008, in a match against Real Betis, Guardado suffered a fiber tear in the biceps of his right leg, which is why he had to leave the field of play 12 minutes after starting the match.

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