In 1905 the Plaza de los Josepets was renamed after Lesseps, the builder of the Suez Canal, who had been the French consul in Barcelona. In the following years there were few changes: in 1932 the Tetuán square was changed to Hermenegildo Giner de los Ríos, and the Alcalá Zamora square (currently Francesc Macià) was created; in 1933 San Jerónimo was changed to Cèsar August Torras, Marqués de Foronda to Arturo Masriera, Father Claret to Mutualidad and Cameros to Amadeo Vives; and, in 1934, the Garriga Bachs square by Josep Llimona, Crisantemos by Joan Gamper and a few more of less relevance. On the other hand, and surely to compensate, the municipal corporation and the coaching staff proposed various names related to the history of Spain, such as Floridablanca, Sepúlveda, Enna (current Ramon Turró street), Marqués de Campo Sagrado, Pelayo, Vergara and Trafalgar.. Council, about one hundred advisors (varied according to the year), who established the Council of One Hundred Juries in a privilege of 1265, (little by little the form of election will change until the election is reached by the insaculation or lottery of the names of the counselors that were extracted from a bag; from here comes the name of insaculation).

After three years of absence due to his doping problems, Maradona returned to help Argentina qualify for the 1994 World Cup in the United States, a tournament in which Diego would again test positive for drugs when finding ephedrine in his samples, being expelled. of the competition, which contributed to the subsequent elimination of Argentina in the round of 16. Maradona was concentrated along with twenty-four other players in a property located in José C. Paz, used by the Argentine Football Association as a training ground, when Menotti told him on May 19, 1978 that he was not going to take it into account for the World Cup that would be held in Argentina; Alonso, Villa, and Valencia were summoned in his playing position; Curiously, Bochini, admired by Maradona, was not called up for the contest either. In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was the place for royal obsequies dedicated to monarchs and princes along with other court churches, such as the Jerónimos and the Descalzas (and sometimes the Encarnación).

Spain played the semifinals of the competition against Italy. During the War of the Communities of Castile, the convent was razed to the ground because it opened its doors and welcomed court ladies, as well as the wives of imperial followers. The construction of the annex building of the church began during the reign of Enrique II, and the cloister, from the first half of the 16th century, was the work of Gaspar and Luis de Vega. During the reign of Isabel II, Baldomero Espartero (the Duke of Victoria) was one of the characters inclined to prevent the demolition of the convent. The proximity to the Court made the convent accumulate works of religious art and important donations, especially during the 15th century, due to the support of Catalina de Lancáster, wife of Enrique III, who apparently resigned while she was alive as prioress of this convent.. In 1987 President José Luis Núñez, taking up the idea of ​​his predecessor, acquired some agricultural land in San Juan Despí, barca shirt but bureaucratic and administrative problems in the requalification paralyzed the project for years.

On the walls of the cloister was the tomb of Pedro the "Cruel" (one of its most illustrious benefactors), Constanza de Castilla and her father Juan de Castilla. Santo Domingo, generated a small suburb that would be absorbed by the successive fences after the Christian Wall of Madrid. ↑ «Pablo Blanco, watchword of Sevilla FC, new legendary number». ↑ ABC newspaper of Seville (ed.). Various authors. Fascicles. ABC Newspaper Library (1991). Living history of Sevilla FC Spanish press in collaboration with Europa Press Reportajes. In 1897 the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona was founded, initially dedicated to horse riding and polo. Although La Real, for various reasons, failed to qualify for any Spanish championship, it established itself as one of the four great Basque footballers and a strong rivalry was born with the other three, especially with Real Unión and Athletic Club.

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