↑ Clarín.com (June 1, 2022). "The Italian media surrendered at the feet of Messi and the National Team, and they were very harsh with the Azzurra." ^ Mardonas, Jean (July 23, real madrid soccer jersey 2022). «New destination?: The team that will fight for the Champions League goes with everything to hire Alexis Sánchez». The news about the performance of wind groups in the city are recurrent during the XV and XVI centuries when, even, we have evidence of the beginnings of the professionalization of Barcelona musicians with the creation, on July 13, 1599, of the first Brotherhood of Musicians of Barcelona. ↑ The El Prat desalination plant comes into operation today Archived 2009-07-25 at the Wayback Machine Between 2001 and 2009 he won nine consecutive Catalan League titles. FC Barcelona-Institut Guttmann competed under this name for nine seasons, its best classification in the Honor Division A being third place, achieved in 2009, also adding eight appearances in the Copa del Rey. Despite this initial dissolution and reduction of the formation, the Band managed to maintain itself during these hard decades thanks to the work of musicians and conductors such as Ramón Bonell y Chanut (1939-1955), Ricard Lamote de Grignon (1955-1957) son of Joan Lamote de Grignon and former deputy director of the Band, Joan Pich y Santasusana (1957-1967), José González (1967-1969) and Enrique Garcés Garcés (1969 -1979).

Milan were penalized with two points, so they qualified thanks to goal difference (after totaling five points). These were musical groups of a variable nature, in terms of the number of participants, who entertained the celebrations or important dates in the city. The oldest reference we have is from August 29, 1361, when King Pedro IV of Aragon requested the assistance of five minstrels for the entry of the Infanta of Sicily into the city of Barcelona. A fact that attests to the great artistic moment that the institution was going through is the concert that the composer and conductor Richard Strauss offered in the Plaza San Jaime on March 19, 1925. Strauss, who was visiting the city, heard the Band in a concert in the Plaza del Rey and was very impressed by the magnificent quality of the group. Real Unión was disqualified from the tournament and Real Sociedad qualified for the Copa del Rey for the first time since 1913. However, in the 1919 Copa del Rey de Fútbol, ​​Real paired up with its cup-bearer beast noire, FC Barcelona, ​​which eliminated it. with relative ease.

La Real started the tournament well with victories in the first 3 games and a draw with Athletic in the fourth game. The first was played at the Estadio de la Cerámica, against the Swiss team, being the last game played before traveling to Russia and which ended with a draw at one. Shirt of the former player of the Argentine national team, Diego Armando Maradona. The renovation works of the patio began around 1560, in the Gothic style, although with some decorative elements from the Renaissance. This impulse has been maintained up to the present, premiering works by Catalan composers each season. Facing the following season, 1950-51, Real was reinforced with three other flashy signings. The almost three decades that separate the 1970s from the Band's residency at L'Auditori were directed by Francisco Elias i Prunera (1979 -1980), Albert Argudo i Lloret (1980 -1993) and Josep Mut (1993 -2007).

On the north side, the Pink and Blue pavilions, the work of Juan Rubió and Josep Goday, were built between 1915 and 1942: the first has a double T plan and is decorated with sgraffito; the second has a rectangular floor plan, with a noucentista style façade. The façade featured an archway that ended in the shape of a pergola, with characteristic architectural elements of Transylvania. The situation in the country, divided between the Republican side and the rebel side, led to the abandonment of the color red for political reasons. Mercè and every weekend of the year they start up in a recital of water, light, color and music (added at the end of the 80s). It is ellipsoidal in shape, made up of three concentric pools at different levels, 65 m in diameter at its widest part. The famous Catalan pianist Alicia de Larrocha played as a soloist in 1934, when she was only twelve years old, in the 80th Popular Symphonic Concert with the Municipal Band of Barcelona. From her direction, the commitment to contemporary creation has been reinforced, entrusting works to active composers, trying to increase the dissemination of Catalan music, and expanding the band's own repertoire in order to bring this music closer to the public.

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