↑ Phases of classification for the Eurocopa and the Cup of the World. ↑ Including the data of the Eurocopa and League of Nations. Data updated at the end of the sports career. ↑ «Karim Benzema – Detailed performance data|Transfermarkt». As of August 28, 2022, Benzema has 445 (37 national teams and 408 clubs). Despite the fact that the forces were balanced, Athletic Club was the team that dominated the list of winners in the only official club competition in Spain to date, with nine winners, six from Barcelona and five from Madrid. Thierry Henry has 411 (51 national team and 360 clubs), Roger Courtois has 364 goals (10 national team and 354 clubs), and Michel Platini 354 (41 national team and 313 clubs). "Benzema breaks a Thierry Henry record". In the aforementioned European competition, he is the fourth all-time top scorer, and the first Frenchman, with a better record than his compatriot Thierry Henry.

Benzema is the top French scorer in the history of Real Madrid Football Club, and second overall, real madrid soccer jersey in addition to also being so in the Spanish First Division and in the history of the "clásico" against Fútbol Club Barcelona. Benzema was arrested in France for his alleged participation in blackmail against his teammate, whom he asked to pay a sum of money in exchange for not making public a sex video where he -Valbuena- appears. This meeting is called by the press as The Immortal Party for concentrating large masses in their matches. The section included J. González Espinosa, Suárez, Abad, Venancio, Moreno, M. Fernández Zurdo, E. Villanueva Sanz «Villita», V. Maestre Quiroga, J. Pérez Morante, Bustamante, Aguirre, José Luis Alcántara and Pérez Mínguez to its main figures, many of them being absolute internationals with the Spanish team, without forgetting the Swede Ove Forsberg who created a school with his launches and the Spanish Félix Sánchez-Laulhé who was also a member of the basketball and baseball sections of the club, as well as president of the Royal Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM) after his retirement as an athlete. On June 26, 1970, the rest of the stations of the initial project were inaugurated between Verdaguer (then General Mola) and Camp de l'Arpa, reaching La Sagrera.

He said there were only two ways for him to leave Chelsea: if Chelsea didn't offer him a new contract in June 2010, or if Chelsea sacked him. After not being able to participate in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, on December 19, 2022, he announced on his Twitter account that he was leaving the French team, after 15 years defending the blue currency. After testifying for nearly seven hours, the investigating judge released Benzema, Ribéry and the brother-in-law of the Bayern Munich player, who had also been called to testify. Ribéry and Govou were called to testify before the French Justice. On December 4, it transpires that he will be banned by the French Football Federation from the national team, until his legal situation regarding this scandal is clarified. The Sevilla Atlético Club is the highest category subsidiary team of the Sevilla Fútbol Club. ^ "Werner surrenders to Benzema:" he is one of the three best strikers in the world "". The three teams reached the last day tied with Real in first position thanks to the goal difference between them. With barely two years of existence, the team won its first Copa del Rey under the name of the Spanish Championship, which was later joined by another eleven gimped to add a total of twelve Copas del Rey, being the section -despite currently being extinguished- the most successful in the history of the competition.

The origin of the term had its first references at the beginning of the year 2000. The incipient growth of the rivalry between the two teams became more and more evident, which is why it ended up being the most relevant match in Spain. The first known denominations used to be of a toponymic nature, since they made reference to accidents in the terrain or some type of geographical characteristic: this is how streets such as Arenas, Cantos, Arcos, Arcos de Junqueras, Balsas de San Pedro or Riego arose. ^ "Barcelona crushed Levante 7-0 in 'Tata' Martino's debut in the League". ^ "Barcelona dedicates a square to the painter Antoni Tàpies". Benzema was born and grew up in a large family with his eight siblings and his father in Bron, near Lyon. ^ "Karim Benzema – Football" (in French). "Benzema is already the greatest French goalscorer in history." ↑ Highlighted the goals that proclaimed him the top scorer of the championship. With these merits he was named Switzerland's Best Young Player, along with the Goal of the Year award for an impressive goal scored against FC St.

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