In July 1884 it suffered a fire just the day before it was scheduled to open as a museum. In 1893 it was installed in the building where it is located today and which was built expressly for this purpose. The successive extensions undertaken in the Real Alcázar of Madrid throughout history not only affected the building itself, but also its surroundings, with the construction of a series of annexes. This name was used to designate an architectural complex, intended for different services, consisting of two main rooms: the Trade Houses and the new kitchens. Already in 1919, the club changed its name from Milano Football and Cricket Club to Milano Football Club, but in 1938 and because Milan's English origins were not held in high esteem by members of the Italian fascist movement, the name passed to be Associazione Calcio Milano. «Real Madrid "C" returns to Second Division "B" under the possible name of Plus Ultra». This second library, of royal foundation, became dependent on the State in 1836, under the tutelage of the Ministry of the Interior, taking the name of National Library.

Madrid was a very strong team at that time, but the enthusiasm and great Barça game prevailed 17-8. Captain Sardá received the Cup from General Moscardó, who was the National Sports Delegate at that time. In addition, there are 4,755 manuscripts, 4,169 musical works, 1,027 pieces of historical photography (albums, the loose photograph is in the General Archive of the Palace), 4,330 periodicals, about 7,000 pieces of cartography and about 10,000 from the Engraving and Drawing fund, which is currently in the cataloging project. The basements, pavements and remains of the building's walls were discovered in the 20th century during the remodeling works of the Plaza de Oriente, carried out in 1996 by the mayor José María Álvarez del Manzano. Marchesi, Jose Maria (1849). Catalog of the Royal Armory, ordered by SM During the reign of Isabel II it was installed again and in 1849 the first catalog of the Armory was published.

During these years CF Barcelona won three Leagues, one Cup and one Latin Cup for two Real Madrid CF Cups without winning any League championship, which had been seventeen years since their last title. Starting in the 2000s, the pace accelerated. ↑ FC Barcelona Communication Department (September 2013). FCBARCELONA Report 2012/2013 (PDF). September 11, 1984. Party in honor of Antonio Olmo and Pedro María Artola. September 5, 1983: Concert by Julio Iglesias. Barcelona Metropolis (formerly Barcelona. Consequences of the demolition of the Palacio Real Menor in Barcelona (in Catalan). The Real Alcázar of Madrid had a rectangular plan. The famous painting Las Meninas, which hung in an office on the ground floor, could be rescued but suffered a perforation in the cheek of its protagonist, the Infanta Margarita. During the reign of Carlos III there was an increase in copies of the printed book and the curious manuscripts of the priest (mathematician, botanist and linguist) José Celestino Mutis who had studied indigenous languages ​​on American lands and with whose material he elaborated a series of vocabularies were added. about a hundred words from each language. Among its casualties we can mention a precious equestrian portrait of Felipe IV, especially loved by the sitter, and which occupied a privileged place in the Hall of Mirrors, opposite the famous portrait of Titian Carlos V in Muhlberg.

Through the Senior Librarian Juan Manuel de Santander y Zorrilla, Carlos III promoted the Spanish edition and the organization of the future Royal Printing Office by commissioning scholarly editions. With the design of Juan Gómez de Mora, the aforementioned towers were hidden, achieving a greater balance of the complex, as can be seen in the drawing by Filippo Pallota, from the year 1704. This architect also harmonized the appearance of the Torres Dorada and Torres Reina, by placing a pyramidal spire on the second, identical to the first. In the time of Alfonso XII it was ordered and organized by the widowed count of Valencia de Don Juan, Juan Bautista Crooke y Navarrot. On November 1, 2012, they defeated Valencia 2-5 in their own stadium, Mestalla, causing the dismissal of Mauricio Pellegrino, coach of the Valencian team until then. There will be four courts usable at the same time, one for the first team and the rest for the youth teams: the EBA branch, the junior, the two cadets and the two children, as well as the juvenile team. The First Federation is introduced in 2021 as a replacement for the extinct Second Division B, together with the Second and Third Federation.

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