The exhibition served as a link between prominent adventure comics such as Tanguy te Laverdure by Charlier and Uderzo, real betis jersey the classic Warfare by Boixcar or the aerial battles of the comic Le Piloto à el Edelweiss by Yann and Romain Hugault. The unstoppable increase in interest in manga led to the birth of its own contest that became independent of the Comic Fair. One of the great protagonists of the Hall of the 1990s was the manga, which had progressively been gaining popularity with comics like Akira or Gon and with animals like Dr. Slump or Dragon Ball, broadcast since 1990 by TV3 and occurred a social phenomenon in Catalonia. On the one hand, the nucleus of the current neighborhood of Verdún, which was delimited between the current streets of Batllori, Viladrosa, Joaquín Valls and Vía Julia. The Verdún industrial estate, popularly baptized as the Governor's House, was built between the current Almansa, Viladrosa, Mas Duran, Góngora, Batllori and Vía Favencia streets, on land donated by the Marchioness Ana María de Mundet, which at that time was fields and crops. Little by little, the first houses in the neighborhood began to be built, generally ground-floor houses with an orchard or garden.

As a provisional measure – which ended up being definitive – the then civil governor of Barcelona, ​​Felipe Acedo Colunga, promoted the construction of two housing estates to move the shantytowners. Previously the bishop of the Diocese of Guayana and the highest ecclesiastical authority in the East, Monsignor Manuel Felipe Rodríguez allowed the priest Federico Mendoza to officiate the first mass in the hermitage, on July 31, 1887; but part of the main façade with neoclassical lines still had to be completed, the two towers, the installation of the fine black and white marble floor brought from the famous Italian quarry of Carrara and finally the valuable stained glass windows, also of Italian origin, which are among the most striking from Venezuela. In the 1999-2000 season, the club finished in third position in the Second Division, after CA Osasuna and UD Las Palmas, thus managing to return to the highest category of Spanish football; This was the first season in which the three best ranked in Second ranked directly promoted to the detriment of the three worst ranked in First. During the years that he was living in Madrid, he helped twenty children from the Canillas Sports Club, a team in which his son was a member, to pay the registration fee, valued at around 600 euros each.

His greatest idol has been the Brazilian Ronaldo and he has followed the Universidad de Chile club since childhood. In the third and last Group game for the Chileans, already qualified for the second phase, they would fall 2-0 against the Group leader, the Netherlands, the Dutch goals were the work of Memphis Depay and Leroy Fer, for which Chile finished second in the Group with 6 points and therefore had to face his black beast in World Cups and host, Brazil in the round of 16. Sports World (Godó Group). José L. Lorenzo in Sports World. The 33rd edition honored Charlie Hebdo magazine and presented the Gato Perich Humor award. Also in homage to Toutain, the Revelation Author award was renamed the Josep Toutain Award. On the one hand, the 8th edition paid homage to Will Eisner's anti-hero, created in 1940, and who was celebrating his 50th anniversary. On paper, the Germans were favorites due to their greater experience in this type of confrontation, and it must not be forgotten that they were the team that dominated Europe in terms of Euro Cups, with three, and it was also one of the teams that most World Cups he owned, with three others.

77 points, remaining 8 behind the champion, Real Madrid, and with 10 over the third, FC Barcelona, ​​thus qualifying for the 2008-09 Champions League, without going through the preliminary qualifying phase. According to the current local authorities, the approval given by former President Hugo Chávez is still awaiting, after an agreement was signed on April 15, 2009 between the mayors of the Anzoátegui state metropolitan area (Barcelona, ​​Lechería, Puerto La Cruz y Guanta) and the Chinese company Transtech Engineering Corporation. In 2006 it spread to the other bank, already in the municipality of El Prat, on land reclaimed by the port after diverting the mouth of the river 2 kilometers further south. The fourth slab is a peculiar sports equipment that pushes the limits of the possibilities of cement in today's urban civilization. For example, aluminous cement was used when it had been prohibited in France for more than 10 years. Philemon. For the one who makes the comedian, in full controversy over the date of birth of the 9th art, personified by the dispute between Rodolphe Töpffer and Richard F. Outcault, the 14th Salon took the opportunity to organize the exhibition "100 comics for a centenary".

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