The game ended 2-1 thanks to a goal from Zinedine Zidane at the end of the first half, in a spectacular volley shot that entered the top corner of the German goal. This sector, initially and sparsely populated by Spaniards, has undergone a growth "boom" in the last eight years thanks to Moroccan immigration. This would be where Real Madrid's first basketball team would play their home games for 38 years. In September 2003, Real Madrid left the Ciudad Deportiva permanently. This caused the AFA to temporarily suspend him until the results of the countertest were known, which would also be positive. In the match, Maradona suffered a blow to his left ankle that made it difficult for him to play during the tournament, since he had to be infiltrated in all the matches. The confiscation, the secularization during the year 1835, the tragic week of 1909 with the burning of convents and religious buildings, together with the looting and fires that occurred during the Spanish civil war of 1936, meant that many religious works of art exhibited in the Catalan churches disappeared.

The basketball section lived its best years in the 1980s and 1990s, in which it won various Spanish and European titles. At the beginning of the 2014/15 season, he was proclaimed champion of the sixth edition of the FBM EBA League Tournament, soccer real madrid being the first time to win this official regional title organized by the Madrid Basketball Federation each preseason to face the Madrid teams. of the EBA league (similar to the CAM ACB Tournament of the FBM). Basketball tribute match between a powerful European team and Real Madrid. According to the Community of Madrid, in a census published in January 2017, 2,500 minors lived in the Cañada Real. Once this is done, the Community of Madrid has ceded the authority over the administration of these lands to the affected municipalities. In June 2009, the regional governments of the Community of Madrid and central Spain agreed to disaffect this section of the Cañada Real as they considered it unsuitable for livestock transit.

It is one of the most important clubs in Swiss football, having won the Super League thirteen times and the Swiss Cup ten times. Small Club World Cup in Caracas. L9 of the Barcelona Metro ends its journey at the airport with three stops, one for T2, another at the cargo terminal (completed but not open), and the last at T1, connecting the airport with El Prat de Llobregat, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and the southern Barcelona neighborhoods (University Zone). The Transversal Alt or Sagrera-Sants-Sant Ramón line was inaugurated on November 3, 1969 between the Collblanc (then San Ramón) and Diagonal stations with the expectation that it would later reach Sagrera, where it would connect with line I (currently L1 ) and line II (current L5) of the Barcelona metropolitan railway. Following complaints from the residents of this area, to whom the Madrid City Council could not provide services due to their isolation from the rest of the city, and the need for the Madrid City Council to annex some land near the M-40 to build the new neighborhood of Centralidad del Este, the municipalities of Madrid and Coslada agreed to exchange these lands, so that Coslada ceded all the space to the east of the M-40 up to the Puerto Seco to Madrid, and Madrid ceded Coslada the territory covered by this section of the Cañada Real and a portion of similar size to that ceded to Madrid.

This would be the germ of the various lower categories of Real Madrid, along with the "B" subsidiary. He has expressed his intention to legalize the entire section included in his municipality and provide it with the services available to the rest of the municipality's neighborhoods. At first it was not a major inconvenience since the number of constructions was low. Under the presidency of Santiago Bernabéu, the "Ciudad Deportiva del Real Madrid" was built in May 1963, being innovative for its time. In 2004 it signed a collaboration agreement with FC Barcelona, ​​becoming an associated section and competing under the name: Barça CVB. In 2001 he moved to the city of Santiago de Chile to apply for the lower divisions of the club. The Sports City was the sports center of the Spanish club Real Madrid. ^ "Claudio Bravo and Real Sociedad close the League with a win over Valencia". ^ "Centenary of Real Madrid CF". In the 1990s, Real Madrid was in a delicate debt situation and more than once undertook plans for the reconstruction and development of alternative complexes, presuming the sale of the land occupied by the Sports City, but this did not take place until the presidency of Florentino Pérez, when the different programs are carried out.