3D real beach 8kIn 1476, the followers of Juana la Beltraneja were besieged in the building, in the context of disputes over control of the throne of Castile with Isabel la Católica. ^ After the first affiliate, Real Madrid Castilla Club de Fútbol, ​​formerly known as Real Madrid "B". During the reign of Felipe II, the Real Alcázar of Madrid knew, as has been pointed out, its definitive conversion into a royal palace. Rather than demolish the uncomfortable and antiquated medieval castle, an initiative that could have been considered too radical, the emperor made the decision to use it as the base for the construction of a palace. Another defeat would come on matchday ten, this time against Valencia CF (1-3), with a sensational performance by Mustafi who scored a brace. It is made up of 90 metropolitan councillors, barca jerseys who are in turn councilors of the municipal corporations of the 36 city councils of the Barcelona metropolitan area. The team is consolidated as the best team in Spain and one of the best in Europe, although the 90s are not as prolific in titles as the previous decade.

spain Felipe V proclaimed himself King of Spain on November 24, 1700, in an act held in the southern square of the palace, coinciding, in general terms, with the current Plaza de la Armería. The handball team loses the final of the Spanish Super Cup against Atlético de Madrid. In the third and last Group game for the Chileans, already qualified for the second phase, they would fall 2-0 against the Group leader, the Netherlands, the Dutch goals were the work of Memphis Depay and Leroy Fer, for which Chile finished second in the Group with 6 points and therefore had to face his black beast in World Cups and host, Brazil in the round of 16. Lola Pons, language historian and professor at the University of Seville, will discover the history of language for us every week. It was the only time in the history of the competition that a team and its subsidiary have met in the final. At the end of the season, the club filed a complaint against RCD Mallorca with the intention of occupying the Europa League place that corresponded to the latter, since the Balearic team had entered bankruptcy, for which Villarreal finally managed to participate in said competition (despite the fact that the UEFA regulations did not reflect any measure against a team covered by the Bankruptcy Law at the time that UEFA vetoed the participation of the vermillions).

Other rules to take into account are: the use of initials and acronyms on public roads is prohibited; name changes will only be made in cases of force majeure, so as not to affect the neighborhood; Duplications will be avoided, except in the existing streets within the perimeter of the Pueblo Español de Barcelona; if there is duplication, it will have a different typological assignment (for example, street and square); proper names will be written with their original spelling, except in the case of saints, popes, kings or royalty; streets will not be named to characters solely for the transfer of land; for the dedication to characters, the approval of the family will be sought; character labels will contain their biographical data on at least one of the plates to be placed. Likewise, the square that emerged at the foot of the southern façade incorporated different rooms and galleries. Likewise, the so-called Torre de Carlos I was built, in one of the corners of the northern façade, which overlooks the current Sabatini Gardens. The clash of styles was very visible with regard to the Golden Tower, incorporated by the king, and the two large towers of the Muslim castle, whose arrangement in cubes, with practically no openings, made the ensemble less light.

Free photo cute carousel However, the Torre Dorada, the king's most important contribution to the Alcázar, was due to the architect Juan Bautista de Toledo, his substitute in carrying out the works. With the design of Juan Gómez de Mora, the aforementioned towers were hidden, achieving a greater balance of the complex, as can be seen in the drawing by Filippo Pallota, from the year 1704. This architect also harmonized the appearance of the Torres Dorada and Torres Reina, by placing a pyramidal spire on the second, identical to the first. Enrique III promoted the erection of different towers, which changed the appearance of the building, giving it a more palatial air. Despite the impulse given to the building by Felipe II, the Real Alcázar presented, at the end of his reign, a heterogeneous aspect. In addition to the aforementioned southern façade, the other façades were remodeled, with the exception of the western one, which continued to be that of the old medieval castle.