Free vector soccer league flyer with ball in flat style^ Beristain, Jorge (January 29, 2017). "Excessive punishment at the Bernabéu". After the application of economic control since 2013, La Liga reported that during the first four years of Tebas's mandate, in June 2017 debts with the Treasury were reduced by 71% (from 647 million to 184 million) and total income increased by 48% (from 2,236 million euros to 3,327 million euros). Despite the fact that some have pointed to him as responsible for the disappearance of the club, it occurred ten years after his departure and during his management the debts contracted did not increase. When Tinelli left the project in 2000, he was in charge of the Badajoz institution for two years until it was sold in 2002 to the Portuguese businessman Antonio Barradas. He also defended the controversial Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Piterman, owner of Alavés, as a lawyer. Being the owner Josep Vidal-Ribas i Torrents, the building came to have industrial uses as a drug store, until it was bought by the Mauri confectionery in 1943, a company that gave it its name, until, in 1999, it was acquired by the Museum Picasso.

3D Two Detailed Amusement Park Buildings At the end of November 2009, after a 1-0 win against Cartagena, some media reported an unbeaten record broken by Bravo, which consisted of 467 minutes without conceding goals at Anoeta to date. On April 2, Barcelona fell 2-1 against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou for the 2015-16 League in a new Spanish classic. Tebas's statements in that interview referred to the Regulations for television broadcasting approved by the clubs and in force since the 2016/7 season. This regulates the appearances of soccer players and coaches before the media in the pre-match, on the field and in the changing rooms. Also in the Osasuna Case, Tebas managed to get Ángel Vizcay, former manager of the Navarrese club, to acknowledge that several footballers had been paid to prevent Osasuna from being relegated to the 2nd Division in the 2013-14 season. In this case there was a historic sentence. With tricks like this, Helenio Herrera earned the adjective magician.

3D modeled games Little by little, the private library was organized on the main floor, in the east corner wing. However, the Generalitat government, chaired by Jordi Pujol, ruled out the project as it was not economically viable. Although under the previous presidencies the employers kept a low profile and not very strategic, since the lawyer assumed his mandate, the exposure and social relevance of LALIGA increased notoriously. Starting in 1987, under the direction of Javier Azcargorta, players like Bengoechea, Dasáyev, Polster, Salguero and De la Fuente joined the team. As a person with a public position and at the head of the organization that supports all the Spanish soccer clubs, he is often the object of criticism and also support based on his statements. However, there have been other football officials who have shared their opinions, since UEFA ended up investigating PSG and Manchester City for alleged financial irregularities. In 2018 he was criticized in a letter from the president of Ligue 1 for his statements doubting the financial practices of Paris Saint-Germain.

Despite the controversy due to the lack of involvement of the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Ángel María Villar, sanctions have been established for insults and for clubs that support and welcome groups classified as violent, and the figure of the match directors, employees of La Liga, who are present in all the stadiums, monitoring compliance with the anti-violence regulations and other audiovisual regulations. It was a building with a single volume in the shape of a cube, with a roof made up of rectangular sections superimposed in a staggered fashion, like a ziggurat, with a sculpture on the front in the shape of a woman and the initials RF (République Française). In a radio interview, Javier Tebas was in favor of censoring journalists, in such a way that in field interviews only questions within LALIGA's editorial line are allowed. Since then Tebas has positioned itself in favor of their centralized sale through La Liga. After the murder of a member of the Riazor Blues group in an ambush by members of the ultra Frente Atlético group prior to a match at the Vicente Calderón Stadium, Javier Tebas reacted by announcing new measures against violence in football.